Spanish Dog Names with Meanings: 40+ Best Ones


Top 5 Spanish Dog Names with Meanings:

AmorLove: isn’t it the most beautiful word in Spanish?
GambaShrimp: just imagine your gamba pet running around like a prawn.
RisaLaughter: if your pooch is a bundle of laughter Risa is the best name.
RiojaSpanish Wine Region: I mean who doesn’t like Spanish RED wine?
PatataPotato: is there anyone here who isn’t fond of the word PATATA?

Bonita, Carmela, Rosa, Bella, and Chiquito were our top 5 choices until we finally went with the name Bonita for the pup. Do you like it? No, wait. Did you think it means bonnet ( ) ? Bonita actually means beautiful, cute, nice!

Spanish names can translate to all sorts of things. Before you go on naming your new puppy Armando, which literally means a building/assembling, take a look at 40 awesome dog names in Spanish!

All-Time Popular Spanish Dog Names for Your Pup!

All-Time Popular Spanish Dog Names for Your Pup!

Having trouble choosing a name for your dog? Tranquilo! We have it under control with twenty all-time popular Spanish names for your sweet pup! These are generic names rather than specific ones inspired by Spanish food, places, famous figures, and culture.

Anyhow, all these names originated from Spain, and have beautiful meanings that could suit your dog perfectly! Let’s get started!

  • Alma (Soul): Is your dog the apple of your eye? Then Alma could be a great name for your new puppy. It’s sweet, meaningful, and easy to pronounce!
  • Amor (Love): You don’t need Spanish lessons to know Amor. It means love, and has a nice ring to it!
  • Benito (Blessed): Benito can be the perfect name for your Spanish rescue dog. With his loving nature and cool temperament, you’re blessed to have him in your family, aren’t you?
  • Blanco (White): You know what will be a unique Spanish name for your Great Pyrenees or any white dog in general? Blanco!
  • Bombón (Marshmallow): If you love marshmallows, but love your dog even more (Obviously!), you can name him Bombón.
  • Brisa (Breeze): If your Spanish girl dog is quite the speedster, then she could be a Brisa! It’s short, easy and a fitting name for an energetic dog.
  • Corderito (Baby Lamb): There are no-brainer names like Milo and Paz, and then there’s Corderito which means „Little Lamb.” Want to name your tall dog Corderito? Now that would be irony!
  • Cielo (Sky): We love the name Cielo for Spanish dog breeds! Do you love watching the starlit sky with your pooch? Calling him Cielo will give a personal touch to his new pet name!
  • Dulce (Sweet): Dolce is a pretty common name for a puppy. It goes well with a family dog who’s usually happy to welcome guests!
  • Diablo (Devil): Is your dog always on the move, plotting something evil? Then he sounds like a Diablo to us!
  • Feliz (Happy): The message here is simple: You’re happy to have your dog, and he’s happy to have you! For female dogs, Felicia, which also means happy, works just fine.
  • Gamba (Prawn): Dogs that can’t have enough seafood can be called Gamba. After all, you are what you eat!
  • Hermoso (Handsome): If your Spanish male dog is already serving up looks, he could go by Hermoso! A handsome name for a handsome dog!
  • Pimento (Pepper): You can name your dog Pimento if he has a thick orange coat like a Golden Retriever! It’s a cool name for a Spanish boy dog, and quite uncommon too!
  • Querida (Dear one): Doesn’t Querida remind you of mon cœur, the French expression for my heart? We think it’s a cool name for female doggies. But could be difficult to pronounce.
  • Rojo (Red): Got a Dachshund, a Shiba Inu, or an Irish Terrier? That’s awesome! You can consider the name Rojo for male dogs with reddish fur, and Roja for the ladies!
  • Risa (Laughter): Risa can be a female dog that sends her owner bursting into laughter. It’s easy, elegant, and one of the most popular dog name ideas in Spanish!
  • Santana (Saintly): Santana makes a great Spanish dog name for a chihuahua or Latin American dog breeds like Brazilian Terriers!
  • Uno (Number One): My sister often calls our Spanish Mastiff Uno, short for Numero Uno- the most important thing in a person’s life! Keep reading for more cute, meaningful names for male and female dogs!
  • Zorro (Fox): Before you take us for die-hard fans of The Mask of Zorro, hear us out. It’s a unique name for a boy dog, especially when he’s as crafty as a fox.

Best Spanish Dog Names Inspired by Spanish Food

Best Spanish Dog Names Inspired By Spanish Food

At this point, your world revolves around your puppy. He’s one in a million, giving you cute aggressions whenever he licks your face or wants to cuddle. Well, then. Why not name him after Spanish food? Here are 10 Spanish names for dogs that mean food! Enjoy!

  • Canela (Cinnamon);
  • Castaño (Chestnut);
  • Empanada (A type of Spanish pastry);
  • Frijol (Bean);
  • Helado (Ice-cream);
  • Mora (Blackberry);
  • Patata (Potato);
  • Pastel (Cake);
  • Pepita (Nugget);
  • Regaliz (Licorice).

Our list of Spanish dog names doesn’t end here. Turns out, we have 10 more male and female dog names for Spanish-speaking pet owners! If you’re looking for Spanish dog names, make sure to keep reading!

Editor’s Note

Just like myself, a good friend of mine has three dogs. She always loved Spain so she named her three pets after her favorite Spanish towns: Toledo, Altea, and Soria. If you have fond memories of places that you’ve been to, why not name your pet by those top spots?

Names Inspired by Famous Figures and Spanish Culture

Did you know that most Spanish girl dog names are inspired by Spanish cities, famous figures, and food? Gasparilla, Dulcinea, and Rioja are female Spanish dog names taken from Spanish films and novels. Male Spanish dog names such as Bruto, Cuervo, and Sancho are great for a Spanish water dog. Keep scrolling to know what these puppy names mean!

  • Dulcinea (Don Quixote’s love interest);
  • Gasparilla (A Spanish Pirate);
  • Isabella (Queen of Castille);
  • Enrique (Iglesias);
  • Carlos (Santana);
  • Rioja (Spanish wine);
  • Perla (Pearl);
  • Pequeño (Little);
  • Salvador (Dali);
  • Sancho (Panza).

These are all the popular Spanish names we could think of at the moment. Did you already find the perfect name for your furry friend? What is it? Let us know!

Final Words

So, that was a list of forty doggy names with meanings. We hope one of these Spanish dog names could be the one you use to call your new dog!

When it comes to cool names for a dog, the Spanish culture doesn’t disappoint. It puts forward way more interesting names than the average Max and Charlie. You wanted cool Spanish dog names, and we delivered. The Spanish language is pleasing to the ears, and your puppy will be overjoyed to have a beautiful name, don’t you think?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Good Mexican Name for a Dog?

Javier, Chipotle, Nereyda, Cómico, Chicha, Juarez, Tonatiuh, Burrito, Chalupa. For more go to our hot blog post on Mexican dog names for your puppy.

What Are Cute Spanish Pet Names?

Gordito (plum), Zumito (juice), Nena (little girl), Patito (duckling); Chuche (candy), Golosina (candy), Churro (Spanish pastry), Colacao (cocoa).

What Is a Good Spanish Name for a Female Dog?

Lucía, Sofía, Valeria, Valentina, Malena, Jimena, Juana, Antonia, Celeste.

What Is the Latin Name for a Dog?

Canis Lupus Familiaris is the Latini scientific name, but if you’re looking for Latin names for your pooch why not consider: Imber (rain shower), Altus (high, deep), Apricus (full of sun); Dianey (goddess of the moon), Vita (life) or Cato (wise).

What Did Aztecs Name Their Dogs?

Yolotli (Heart), Nextik (gray), Mitote (dance), Cuicatl (song), Acalan (Canoe), Izel (Unique), Kuali (good).

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