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Top 10 Dog Names Inspired by Country Culture

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Traditional Southern Dog Names

When you think 'country’ or 'southern’, it probably makes you think about a pleasant, down-home life with your family, including pets as family members. Green landscape, your dog running wild, you sitting on the porch with your whole family.

Whether you live in the American South or you’re just a fan of the country lifestyle, you will be perfectly able to find your favorite South-inspired dog name. The list of possible names is endless – check out our country dog name ideas below!

Country Female Dog Names for Your Pup

Got a new sweet dog girl? Here’s a list of cute female country dog names for your new pet!

  • Bluebell – sweet, charming, lovely;
  • Trixie – lively and playful;
  • Dixie – bold, brave and determined;
  • Molly – simple, sweet, cheerful;
  • Jessie – loyal and trustworthy;
  • Daisy – gentle, kind and loving;
  • Penny – independent and smart;
  • Annie – cheerful and positive;
  • Maddie – strong, vibrant and outgoing;
  • Frankie – confident and outgoing;
  • Tessa – loyal, brave and strong;
  • Faith – loyal and devoted;
  • Peaches – bubbly, outgoing and friendly;
  • Josie – loyal, protective and brave;
  • Cookie – loyal, loving and playful;
  • Willow – gentle, kind and caring;
  • Charlie – happy, confident and fearless;
  • Ginny – courageous, loyal and independent;
  • Gracie – loyal and loving;
  • Shelby – adventurous and confident;
  • Riley – smart and loyal;
  • Lady – sweet, gentle and regal;
  • Polly – good-natured, happy and friendly.

Best Country Male Dog Names

If you have a new boy dog, here are some awesome ideas for their name:

  • Sawyer – strong and independent;
  • Winston – loyal and trustworthy;
  • Billy – smart, gentle and loyal;
  • Buster – strong and confident;
  • Willie – brave and spirited;
  • Cowboy – adventurous and daring;
  • Butler – aristocratic and dapper;
  • Jackson – strong, brave and loyal;
  • Teddy – cute, cuddly and friendly;
  • Hunter – brave and adventurous;
  • Buddy – friendly and loyal;
  • Lee – loyal and brave;
  • Jax – strong, courageous and loyal;
  • Duke – regal and powerful;
  • Toby – friendly and outgoing;
  • Luke – mischievous, but gentle;
  • Mason – devoted, alert and intelligent;
  • Weston – bold and protective;
  • Bishop – brave and noble;
  • Jasper – playful, loving and cheerful;
  • Bear – strong and courageous;
  • Wyatt – smart, strong and loyal;
  • Carter – friendly and outgoing;
  • Finn – adventurous and loyal.
best country male dog names

Traditional Country Girl Dog Names

If you are looking for a more traditional name for your country pup, check out these female names:

  • Lulu – cheerful and spunky;
  • Foxy – gentle and loving;
  • Gracie Mae – loyal and sweet;
  • Sassy – full of energy and spirit;
  • Marianne – friendly and kind;
  • Lacy – energetic and fun-loving;
  • Jojo – adventurous and independent;
  • Roxy – playful and full of life.

Traditional Country Male Dog Names

Here are more traditional ideas for your boy puppy’s name. These are perfect farm dog names!

  • Duke – regal and powerful;
  • Bear – strong and courageous;
  • Rex – loyal and fearless;
  • Buddy – friendly and loyal;
  • Hank – strong and determined;
  • Buster – strong and confident;
  • Gus – brave and devoted;
  • Bo – friendly and adventurous.

Badass Country Dog Name Ideas

Whether you have a big farm dog, or one that is an opposite of a badass, you can always pick a cool name for them. Imagine that beware of dog sign with your dog’s name, mounted on your fence!

  • Luther – for a German Shepherd;
  • Butch – for a Doberman;
  • Killer – for a Cane Corso;
  • Blaze – for a Pitbull;
  • Bandit – for a Chihuahua;
  • Whiskey – for a Greyhound;
  • Outlaw – for a Rottweiler;
  • Rodeo – for a Bulldog;
  • Stallion – for a Mastiff;
  • Saddle – for a Great Dane;
  • Arrow – for an Australian Shepherd;
  • Coyote – for a Border Collie;
  • Mac – for a Beagle;
  • Storm – for an Akita;
  • Major – for a Labrador Retriever;
  • Marco – for a Shih Tzu;
  • Gunner – for a Poodle;
  • Bones – for a Vizsla;
  • Lasso – for a Golden Retriever;
  • Bourbon – for a Boxer;
  • Justice – for an Irish Setter;
  • Nanette – for a French Bulldog;
  • Gretchen – for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi;
  • Greta – for a Bernese Mountain Dog;
  • Myrtle – for a Havanese;
  • Myra – for a Basset Hound.

Cool Country-Inspired Names for Female Dogs

Have a great sense of humor? Try to combine it with your love of country lifestyle. Here are funny country dog name ideas for a peculiar girl puppy:

  • Daisy – lovely and sweet;
  • Maddie – fun and spunky;
  • Sweet Pea – gentle and loyal;
  • Dottie – lively and naughty;
  • Ruby – luxury and regal;
  • Sugar – playful and sweet;
  • Katie – friendly and smart;
  • Cassie – independent and curious.

Editor’s Note

Looking for more ideas? Check out our article about the best Western dog names or the best Southern dog names out there! When it comes to choosing the best name for your pup, don’t forget to think outside the box and look around you for inspiration. After all, when it comes to naming, there are no rules – only pawsome possibilities!
cool country-inspired names for female dogs

Funny Country Boy Dog Names

Looking for more country dog names? If your new puppy is a boy, you have a huge number of options to choose from! Here are some suggestions:

  • Harley – strong and fearless;
  • Joey – mischievous and playful;
  • Tyson – devoted and loyal;
  • Bandit – adventurous and brave;
  • Finn – outgoing and active;
  • Junior – smart and alert;
  • Toby – friendly and loyal;
  • Moose – goofy and fun;
  • Marley – independent and curious.

If you are still not sure what name will be the best for your pooch, you can get inspired by whatever you like best about country culture. Think about your favorite country music, places or even Southern food.

Names Inspired by Country Music

Do you love country music? Try to combine it with your love for dogs. Here is a list of the best names inspired by country music.

  • Wagon Wheel – after the popular song;
  • Jolene – after the famous Dolly Parton’s song;
  • Bass – inspired by the bass guitar;
  • Banjo – inspired by the country musical instrument;
  • Sugarland – inspired by the popular band;
  • Waylon – after the famous country singer Waylon Jennings;
  • Strawberry Wine – inspired by the song of Deana Carter;
  • Rascal – after the popular country music duo;
  • Flatts – after the popular country music group;
  • Accordion – inspired by the country music instrument;
  • Dobro – inspired by the guitar brand;
  • Chicks – after the popular band;
  • Jimmie – after the famous country musician Jimmie Rodgers;
  • Harmonica – inspired by the country music instrument;
  • Twang – inspired by the country singing style;
  • Owen – after the famous country singer Owen Bradley;
  • Elvira – after the popular song by the Oak Ridge Boys;
  • Fiddle – inspired by a country music instrument.

Names for Dogs Inspired by Famous Country Singers

You can always get an idea for your female and male dog’s name from that of a famous country singer. This will definitely bring some positive associations! Try one of the cute names below:

  • Patsy – Patsy Cline;
  • Dolly – Dolly Parton;
  • Wynona – Wynona Judd;
  • Tammy – Tammy Wynette;
  • Carrie – Carrie Underwood;
  • Miranda – Miranda Lambert;
  • Loretta – Loretta Lynn;
  • Trisha – Trisha Yearwood;
  • Shania – Shania Twain;
  • Bobbie – Bobbie Gentry;
  • Cash – Johnny Cash;
  • Kenny – Kenny Chesney;
  • Shelton – Blake Shelton;
  • Willie – Willie Nelson;
  • Hank – Hank Williams;
  • Paisley – Brad Paisley;
  • Garth – Garth Brooks;
  • Jerry – Jerry Reed;
  • McGraw – Tim McGraw.

These names are all beautiful – everyone can find one perfect for their dog, both boy and girl.

names for dogs inspired by famous country singers

Southern Names Inspired by Food

Who doesn’t like good country comfort food? If your new dog is (or you are) a voracious eater, check out this list of names that might suit them:

  • Gravy – as the ultimate Southern comfort food;
  • Pudding – for a sweet pup;
  • Pie – for a cute pup;
  • Brisket – for a strong pup;
  • BBQ (or a more funny version, Barbie) – for a pup who loves to eat;
  • Chicory – for a pup that loves coffee;
  • Dumpling – for a pup that looks like a furry dumpling;
  • Pecan – for a pup that loves nuts;
  • Grits – for a pup that loves breakfast;
  • Bacon – for a pup that loves meat;
  • Slaw – for a pup that loves salads;
  • Cobbler – for a pup that loves sweets;
  • Jambalaya – for an adventurous pup;
  • Gumbo – for a pup that loves soups;
  • Hoecake – for a pup that loves pancakes;
  • Skillet – for a pup that loves to cook with you;
  • Sweet Tea – for a pup that loves tea;
  • Cornbread – for a pup that loves bread;
  • Chicken – for a pup that loves poultry.

Here you will find more dog name ideas inspired by food.

Names for Your Dog – Southern Locations

Here’s another idea for you. Nothing could be simpler – pick your favorite Southern location for your dog’s name. You will show everybody your love for the South!

  • Dallas – for a Siberian Husky;
  • Atlanta – for a Dachshund;
  • Carolina – for a Labrador Retriever;
  • Virginia – for a Poodle;
  • Tennessee – for a Beagle;
  • Mississippi – for a Bulldog;
  • Austin – for a Pug;
  • Nashville – for a Cocker Spaniel;
  • Asheville – for an Australian Shepherd;
  • Tulsa – for a Great Dane;
  • Arkansas – for a Rottweiler;
  • Louisiana – for a Collie;
  • Nola – for a Golden Retriever;
  • Houston – for a Boxer;
  • Alabama – for a German Shepherd;
  • Charleston – for a Maltese.

Country Western Dog Names

If you’re fond of westerns, you can also find some Wild West inspired dog names. Here’s a ready list for you.

  • Sundance – outdoorsy, happy;
  • Eastwood – strong, independent;
  • Destiny – brave, determined;
  • Weston – wild, free;
  • Billy Kid – mischievous;
  • Buffalo – powerful, fast;
  • Butch – adventurous, loyal;
  • Cassidy – clever, resourceful;
  • Wyatt – determined, brave;
  • Cactus – tough, resilient;
  • Cowboy – independent, active;
  • Cheyenne – proud, majestic;
  • Dalton – steady, reliable;
  • Clint – independent, wise.

Dog owners often spend a lot of time looking for the perfect name. How are you going to name your sweet little pooch? Or your brave big dog? We hope that our list of the best country dog names will be useful. Good luck and happy naming!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Good Southern Name for a Dog?

A great Southern name for a dog could be Dixie, Daisy, Molly, Billy, Hank, Carolina or Savannah.

What Would a Cowboy Name His Dog?

A cowboy might name his dog names like Butch, Cowboy, Hunter, Buster, Rex or Outlaw.

What Are Some Western Dog Names?

Western dog names could include Sundance, Eastwood, Destiny, Weston, Billy Kid or Buffalo.

What’s a Good Name for a Farm Dog?

Good names for a farm dog could include Duke, Bear, Rex, Buddy, Hank or Buster.

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