PAW Patrol Dog Names for Your Pup

PAW Patrol Dog NameTraits
Ryderintelligent, brave and loyal
Marshallbrave, friendly and energetic
Chasebrave, confident and determined
Rockysmart, inventive and always ready to help
Zumaadventurous, playful and full of life
Rubblestrong, loyal and always willing to lend a paw
Skyesweet, daring and always ready for action
Everesttough, determined and always up for a challenge
Trackeradventurous, brave and never giving up
Rexenthusiastic, brave and eager to help out
Libertykind, brave and always up for an adventure

Aired on Nick junior in the US, the PAW Patrol is a Canadian computer-animated kid’s show that’s about search and rescue dogs led by a heroic boy named Ryder. The protagonists are brave, dutiful, helpful, and incredibly adorable. Thus, it’s no surprise that kids all around the world love this Canadian show. Check out these PAW Patrol dog names and get some inspiration!

Best PAW Patrol Dog Names

To help you choose the most suitable PAW Patrol dog name for your pup, here we’ll discuss the protagonists. Hopefully, they will help you to pick a name for your new dog. 


Ryder is the main protagonist of the show and the leader of the PAW Patrol. He’s really intelligent as he himself trained up the pups to do specific jobs. He also makes the gadgets used by the team.

He decides which pups are needed for which jobs and remains calm and patient throughout the missions. Overall, he’s a very lovable guy. That’s why Ryder can be an excellent name choice for your new brave and loyal pup.


One of the main characters of the show, Marshall is a dalmatian puppy. As fire pup, his duty is to spot fires and extinguish them. 

He’s also the medic pup of the team and uses his x-ray screen to check if someone has injuries and help them when it’s necessary. He’s also very gawky and makes a lot of mistakes. So, if you’ve got a dog that’s caring, eager, and clumsy, this name would be just perfect for it.


The character of police pup in the community of Adventure Bay is played by a German Shepherd called Chase. It’s one of the most beloved characters, as it shows leadership skills alongside being extremely caring. By nature, it’s a quite serious dog, but it knows how to have fun as well.

If you want to name a German Shepherd, there’s no better name than Chase for it. 


Lovable and emotional, you can’t help but love Skye, who is a key member of the PAW Patrol. The Cockapoo is the first female member of the team and flies in her helicopter. Her main job is to look out for emergencies from the sky using her helicopter. 

Aside from being fun-loving and smart, she’s extremely brave and often gets involved in transporting people from one place to another. So, if you’ve got an energetic female dog, this adorable name one could be the ideal pick for you.

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Everest is an 8-year-old Siberian Husky. She’s hyperactive, kind, and excellent at her job. As the snowy pup of the PAW Patrol, she removes snow from the road in emergency situations. 

Also, she has a grappling hook that she uses to transport puppies and humans from one place to another. So if your canine is good at following orders, Everest could be the match!


Rubble, the cheeky English Bulldog, is small but mighty! The youngest member of his team, this pup can’t help melting hearts. With his unending love for animals large and tiny, you won’t regret naming your Bulldog after him.


Meet Tracker, the courageous bilingual pup with a captivating talent – a miraculous hearing ability that can detect danger before it’s too late! If your canine has something extraordinary up their sleeve, why not take some tips from this heroic hound?

best paw patrol dog names


Rex is a dino whisperer! With a kind disposition and smarts to match, he can charm even the fiercest of beasts with his ability to understand their languages. What’s more, this special skill makes him an ideal choice for those seeking out-of-the ordinary dog names.


In this age of global warming, Rocky can be the perfect inspiration for all of us. As the eco pup of the group, he recycles stuff to make and fix different things. Very clever and resourceful, the mixed breed pup manages to reuse anything he finds. So, if you’re someone who cares about the environment deeply, this one could be a great option for your pup’s name. 


Dutiful is one word that would describe this character best. She works incredibly hard to keep the city clean alongside PAW Patrol. Also, she has a good sense of humor and doesn’t fear anything. So, if your pup is fearless as her, Liberty would be the best option.


If your dog is particularly fond of water, you can name it after this aquatic pup. This Chocolate Labrador mainly rescues sea animals in trouble. The water rescue dog has a laid-back demeanor and is extremely loyal to the group.


PAW Patrol is one of the most popular kid shows in the world. The program has received multiple nominations and awards, including those from the Academy of Canadian Film & Television, the Kidscreen Awards, and the Canadian Screen Awards. So why not give your dog one of these PAW Patrol dog names if you or your child enjoys the show?

Other PAW Patrol Characters That You Can Choose From

Maybe you’d prefer to pick a character who is a little unusual and isn’t one of the regular PAW Patrol characters. These PAW Patrol names can provide you some inspiration in that situation.

  • Mayor Goodway – for a dog that is very thoughtful;
  • Jake – for an adventurous pup;
  • Chickaletta – for a female pup with a sweet personality;
  • Sid Swashbuckle – for a pup full of life;
  • Wally – for a pup that’s very hardworking;
  • Katie – for a cute and bubbly pup;
  • Sweetie – for a pup that is gentle and nice;
  • Cap’n Turbot – for an intelligent pup;
  • Tuck – for a pup that is quite mischievous;
  • Arrby – for an odd and quirky pup;
  • Ella – for a pup that loves to sing.
other paw patrol characters that you can choose from

Other Dog Cartoon Names

Here are some popular dog names from other cartoon shows.

  • Astro (The Jetsons) – for a pup that loves space;
  • Pluto (Disney) – for a pup that’s loyal and playful;
  • Odie (Garfield) – for a pup that’s always happy;
  • Spike (Looney Tunes) – for a pup that’s brave and strong;
  • Pongo (101 Dalmatians) – for a cute and loving pup;
  • Snoopy (Peanuts) – for a pup that loves adventure;
  • Cooper (The Fox and the Hound) – for a pup that’s very loyal;
  • Lady (Lady and the Tramp) – for a pup that loves to cuddle;
  • Martha (Martha Speaks) – for a pup that loves to talk;
  • Scooby-Doo (Scooby-Doo) – for a pup that loves to eat;
  • Blue (Blue’s Clues) – for a pup that’s inventive;
  • Clifford (Clifford the Big Red Dog) – for a pup that’s big and strong;
  • Gromit (Wallace and Gromit) – for a pup that’s always up for an adventure.

Final Words

With so many amazing PAW Patrol characters to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when naming your pup. Our top suggestion is Marshall and Rubble – trust us, these beloved heroes make for some pretty irresistible choices! But if you want something even more special, why not try one of the side character names? Check out Cap’n Turbot – he’ll definitely set your furry friend apart in style!

Nevertheless, we hope this list of PAW Patrol dog names has given you a fitting moniker for your new companion. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are the 12 Members of the PAW Patrol?

The PAW Patrol consists of these 12 pups: Ryder, Marshall, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, Skye, Everest, Tracker, Rex, Liberty and Caper.

Is Zuma a Boy or a Girl?

Zuma is a boy. He’s an energetic and adventurous Chocolate Labrador who loves the water and will always take the plunge to help.

Who Was the 1st PAW Patrol Pup?

The first PAW Patrol pup was Marshall. He is a brave Dalmatian puppy who loves to help and always makes sure that everyone is safe.

Who Is the Most Beautiful Pup in PAW Patrol?

Skye is the most beautiful pup in PAW Patrol. She’s a brave and adventure-loving Cockapoo who always stands ready to help when needed! With such a big heart and loyalty to her team members, she’s beautiful on the inside as much as in looks.

Who Is the Bravest Pup in PAW Patrol?

The bravest pup in PAW Patrol is Chase. This determined German Shepherd is always up for a challenge, and his intelligence, courage, and determination make him the ideal leader of the group.

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